Country of Origin: Germany

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Sound Systems

Teufel was founded in 1979 as a dealer for loudspeaker DIY kits and components. Teufel is the leader in Internet-based speaker sales companies in Europe, and is the largest company for THX speakers worldwide.

The company was started in 1979 by Peter Tschimmel, a self-confessed audiophile, in his home town. Teufel is famous for its single-minded pursuit of making the best possible audio products for the lowest possible price. Teufel offers a wide range of products, many of which have become legendary among Hi-Fi and home cinema fans. Regarding the latter, Teufel’s perfectly aligned subwoofer/satellite combinations are well known and well established.

Teufel produced the first home cinema set in Germany as well as the first German THX system. Teufel was also the first company to put high fidelity PC speakers on the market. In 2013, a cooperation with the German furniture manufacturer hülsta resulted in a line of media furniture and once again positioned Teufel at the forefront of audio innovation.