Country of Origin: Germany

Available at: EVO Home


For 50 years, Rolf Benz has been enticing people to dream, to dose, to relax, put their feet up, stretch out, collect their thoughts, relax, chill out, ruminate, snuggle, take time out, order their thoughts, or simply take a nap. However you want to put it: It is only on their sofa that we shed the stress of the day, feel at home with ourselves and really slow down.

It was precisely this realization that moved the freshly qualified young upholster Rolf Benz from Nagold in the Black Forest to have founded the company Rolf Benz back in 1964. The first sofa and armchair program from this company remains true to this new, modern sense of space: the addiform from Rolf Benz. Thus, you cannot create a typical seating arrangement with these sofas and armchairs, but rather you can create imaginative combinations of “furnishing landscapes”.

The sofa itself can be folded out into an additional, comfortable place to sleep. With its matter-of-fact clarity and lightweight design, this model appears to hover in space. Like all Rolf Benz creations, it leaves no one in any doubt as to its value and comfort, even from a distance. Ranges that allow the creative customer the greatest possible scope for individualization, with the freedom to configure and adjust the different modules to any specific living situation. It is this that makes the name Rolf Benz synonymous with comfortable sitting, perfect innovative design and superb handcrafted quality.