Country of Origin: Germany

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They are the designers of living environments. Furniture designs with high quality and function standards are the basis of their work on personalized, flexible and inspiring furnishings. Why their products excel is their easy assembly while meeting quality requirements at the same time.

Developed, designed and produced at their Wald Mohr headquarters, CS Schmal products constantly go through both internal and external quality controls. And so their product lines like Rio ART, SOFT plus and others all undergo Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV) testing and are appropriately certified. Their priorities are functionality, safety and service. Owing it to their customers, their concept has been borne out for many years.

The product lines, with the endless combination possibilities, meet different demands and can be perfectly adapted to any living conditions and any taste. And they're all very affordable. And then there's the incredibly easy assembly and attractive designs, from the basement to the attic – a solution to match the style of living in every room.